How was you Eid Holiday, guys? Bet it was fun and relaxing. 🙂

How about your THR? Did you get to do it what was need to be done with it?

Remember when you gazed at your bank account with excitement prior to Eid day? Your bonus has been transferred! You’re one of the many employees out there that gets bonus (THR) to celebrate Eid, and it’s there.

Visions of flat-screened TVs and vacations are going back-and-forth your head, or is it piled-up debts you wish to settle up?

Regardless of what you’re gonna do with that THR, you’re now in possession of some extra money. If this is a regular occasion for you then you might’ve already spent the Rupiahs.

I know when i got bonus from work i was either counting on it for something or i already had a plan to spend it.

Regardless that bonus was pretty much as good as gone no matter what i ended up spending the money on. I’m pretty sure i’m no different than most people who get bonus (THR) as part of their earnings. The bonus comes in and then it’s gone leaving us to wonder what has happened to it.

Extra money shows up at our lives from time to time and there are both things that we should do and shouldn’t. The way i see it, here is do and don’ts:


1) Pay down your debt and bills – this two should come first. For example a few years back i got a Sing $5,000 bonus, which i used to pay off a loan, that i had a little bonus left on of about Sing $2,500.

This helped me out exceedingly by removing around Sing $300 from my mothly expenses. it was quite challenging not to take trip with that bonus yet by doing this i increased my cash-flow for those 12 months, making my life easier since i was living paycheck to pacheck at the time.

Now, if you’re already one step further in the game and not heavily in debt you’ve got a few more options.

2) Pay down the mortgage – millions of rupiahs can be saved down the road.

3) Put some of your money into retirement savings.

4) Build up an emergency fund.

5) Invest the money – aside from retirement savings, this could be a good way to begin an investment. If i used my Sing $5,000 out of my Sing $2,500 of bonus to pay down my mortgage the impact on the long term would be huge to my interest cost.


The biggest problem with bonuses (THR) is that you all of a sudden have all this extra money to spend.

That vacation to Bali all of a sudden becomes possible as does that flat-screened, yet doesn’t mean we should spend it that way. Some points you should avoid when it comes to bonuses.

1) Don’t be a big spender – blowing all of the money at once won’t help anything.

2) Not setting the money aside in some way – THR or bonus has this habit of vanishing very quickly. So, you gotta be careful with it.

Not keeping an eye out for it can put you into some hot water if you’re not careful with your money.

Keeping your lifestyle while getting the money to work for you will have a long term impact far beyond a big-screened tv will ever give.

That’s the way i see it. How about you?