I’m gonna share about product that has been popular across Indonesia (you prolly has consumed it, at least once) which is named Cimory. Cisarua Mountain Dairy (or more commonly known as, well, Cimory) which was established in 2006, is a subsidiary of Macro Group. It’s engaged in the field of food based on four of the best natural protein: meat, milk, egg, and soya bean.

This company is best-known for its milk product, Cimory.

The brand was created by Bambang Susantio in 2006, and quickly achieved success ever since. It has varied flavors on its yoghurt products, and they are said to have less sour then any usual products. Cimory products, which is claimed to use fresh milk, are worked by the local dairy farmers in Cisarua, Bogor. The reason why Cimory uses genuine products of local dairy farmers is because the resulting quality is not second-rated to the imported ones. Besides, Bambang also wants to prosper the farmers through local products.

Another way that Bambang had thought to be such financially supportive to this farmers on Cisarua was to build farm cooperative.

Mr. Susantio, who has a degree in food technology (from German Institution) has given so much help in improving the quality of the milk. Production of the dairy farmers is then accommodated by Cimory at a price 10% higher than the market price. It is done to encourage the farmers to give quality to their products.

Becoming selective that ends on the right positioning and to have a differentiation concept indeed strengthens Cimory brand. The company’s mission isn’t only to sell products as many as possible, yet to give prosperity to the dairy farmers as well. That all kinda programs has injected a higher value to Cimory, makes Bambang’s Cimory as a highly valuable company.

Remember, people. Success can not be achieved without intention, hard work, preparation, and of course, sincerity. Adios!

“The succeeded people is not merely tough-minded, yet also hard-working ones who believe in their own ability.” -Timothy L. Griffith-