Intrapreneurs Are Business Owner’s Dream

Recently, the focus has been mostly on entrepreneurs. Everyone is figuring out how to jump on this bandwagon and start a business of their own.

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Cimory (Inspiring Story)

I’m gonna share about product that has been popular across Indonesia (you prolly has consumed it, at least once) which is named Cimory.

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Don’t be a Mere Employee, Be an Intrapreneur!

I was browsing around when I stumbled upon Kelly Johnson’s 14 Rules of Intrapreneurship, and i found it very interesting.

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How to Set a Meaningful Resolutions

While I was on the way to Soetta airport last morning, i thought about my new year’s resolution.. and a story.

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Rules for Being Human

Came across this while searching for material and I really like this. It makes a lot of sense and I think it is worthwhile reading through these “rules” a couple of times just to…

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Happy New Year… to a New Beginning!

2012 was a really challenging year. At times it almost felt almost overwhelming. I was mentally exhausted and had little interest in what was going on. I needed the time to…

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Manufacturing Entrepreneurs

With the surge in interest in entrepreneurship, many colleges and universities are starting to offer such programs as part of their curriculum. Indeed, I was privileged to be…

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Entrepreneurship Could Be Genetic, But DNA Is Not Everything

Some things do run in the family. We have families of musicians (Koes Plus, the late jazz musician Jack Lesmana and his son Indra Lesmana), families of doctors (the family of the…

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Making the Most of Your THR

Remember when you gazed at your bank account with excitement prior to Eid day? Your bonus has been transferred! You’re one of the many employees out there that gets bonus (THR) to…

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Happy 47 th Birthday Singapore

Happy 47 th Birthday Singapore! It’s an amazing achievement for a country to have come so far in such a short period of time.

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